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Ice Floe

Mod of a Map

Ice Floe is a mod of the map Ice Fields for Halo Custom Edition, featuring unique weaponry, visual effects, and a shrunken playing field with flow redefined strictly for infantry combat.

The Sandbox

Mechanics of the weaponry you spawn with are similar to their stock counterparts, while the rest consists of concepts originally built and balanced in Phoenix.


Assault Rifle

Features better accuracy, marginally slower rate of fire, and a magazine reduced to 40 rounds, making it much more effective up to medium ranges.


Retains the original rate of fire, accuracy, and damage, but now lacks a scope and kicks after each shot.


Semi-automatic rifle for middle to long-range combat, featuring a 2x scope and firing 3 projectiles per shot (not burst-fire), with spread that increases significantly the faster it's fired.


Single-fire short-range weapon that fires multiple crystalline projectiles per shot, similar to a shotgun but with an explosive punch. If enough projectiles impact an enemy they will super-combine into a much larger explosion, generally killing the target.

Laser Cannon

Fully-automatic long-range laser weapon, with perfect accuracy and a 2x scope.

Rod Pistol

Short-range pistol that fires slow shield-bypassing projectiles, ideal for encounters with shield doors. Weapon also features an overcharge function that releases an unguided projectile that emits plumes dealing shield-only damage on flyby, and upon direct impact will instantly kill infantry, or deplete player shielding if victim's in a vehicle.


Single-fire mid-range weapon that fires up to 3 tracking projectiles in short succession before overheating, dealing splash damage on impact, and capable of killing healthy targets with just 3 hits. The projectiles have a distinct visual and sound, but can be easily dodged with a strafe.


Conversion to CE by Kavawuvi.

Model, shaders, texture, and animation for the Carbine by CMT.